As a medical practitioner, Dr. Margaliot cares tremendously about the future of Healthcare. In fact, his time in both the U.S. and Canada has provided him with valuable insight into the differences between the two countries. While very similar in culture, these countries have very different stances on healthcare and universal healthcare. As such, Dr. Zvi Margaliot partakes in reading about and writing about medical as well as healthcare issues in the U.S. compared to in Canada.

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Access to Healthcare in Canada and the U.S. – Dr. Zvi Margaliot – Medium

The media often suggests that Canada has superior healthcare to the States; however, on closer analysis, each country’s system has various pros and cons. With approximately 90% of Canada’s population living within 100 miles of the U.S. border, cross-border healthcare has become increasingly prevalent.

Access to Healthcare in Canada and the U.S. - Cont’d

According to Dr. Zvi Margaliot, another factor that affects accessibility to healthcare is wait times. Depending on specialty as well as illness severity, wait times in the U.S. can vary from immediate assistance to a waiting period of a few weeks.

Physician Depression, Burnout and Suicide

For healthcare providers, providing support to their patients has become routine, but what they sometimes forget is that they need to take care of their health, both physical and mental, as well. Over the years, there has been an upward trend of the number of physicians reporting some level of burnout or depression (either colloquial or clinical), and there is still a high predominance of physician suicide.

Ontario’s Landscape Photography Locations

“Yours to Discover” a slogan that the province of Ontario lives up to. With over 1 million square km (415, 000 sq miles) of area, the province has an impressive array of landscapes for locals and tourists to discover.

Dr. Zvi Margaliot Explains Hi-Fi & Hi-Res Music

With new technologies coming out every day, it can be confusing to understand what all the terms mean. Dr. Zvi Margaliot, a hand as well as wrist surgeon, enjoys learning about many different topics outside of medicine, and one of his hobbies include listening to classical music.