With a proven track record of success and a passion to alleviate the pains that his patients suffer, Dr. Zvi Margaliot has appeared in the media a multitude of times. In particular, he found himself as a guest in a few digital interview platforms. On Inspirery and Ideamensch, entrepreneurs, business owners, doctors, and lawyers get a chance to discuss their career options, their educational upbringing, as well as their methods of staying productive on a daily basis. For Dr. Margaliot, he discussed his vision within the plastic surgery industry and some of the flaws with the current medical industry. For instance, much of the system is being replaced with scientifically inaccurate methods, something that he advocates strongly against. He also briefly touches on his hobbies as an amateur landscape photographer and the joy of spending time with family.

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On the other hand, Dr. Margaliot commented on a few feature articles as of late. Most notably, his expertise provided viewers with insight into the hand, wrist, and microsurgery industry. With roughly twenty years of experience, he has a lot to say about the challenging and daunting task of patient care. Furthermore, on these nationally recognized publications such as Patch and Prague Post, Dr. Margaliot discusses some of the key points to healthcare economics and healthcare across North America.

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Dr. Zvi Margaliot | Inspirery

A man stands above the crowd. He has strived for excellence, has been an advocate for others who cannot advocate for themselves, and who dedicates his time to improving a system that is outdated and unsustainable. That man is Dr. Zvi Margaliot, surgeon, specializing in hand and wrist surgery.

Dr. Zvi Margaliot | Crunchbase

Dr. Zvi Margaliot is a family man, a father, a landscape photographer, and a surgeon with expertise with hands as well as wrists. Located in Toronto,…

Zvi Margaliot – Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Zvi Margaliot has been improving his patients’ lives through his specialty career as a hand and wrist surgeon for over twenty years. His passion for his vocation is expressed through his sixteen-year scholastic endeavor in striving for excellence in his profession.

Faculty | Department of Surgery

Dr. Herb Von Schroeder is an Assistant Professor in the Divisions of Plastic and Orthopaedic Surgery, Department of Surgery, University of Toronto. He is on staff at UHN, Toronto Western Hospital. His clinical practice focuses on the diseases and trauma that affect the hands.

Dr. Zvi Margaliot’s Tips for Landscape Photography in the National Parks of Canada and the United States | Prague Post

Dr. Zvi Margaliot is an experienced plastic surgeon who has worked in Canada as well as the United States. His specialty is the surgery of the hand and wrist. Throughout his medical practice, he has been involved in incorporating technological innovations in his work. Dr. Margaliot is also an avid landscape photographer, traveling to various locations around…

Dr. Zvi Margaliot Details Recent Developments in Medical Technology | TechBullion

Recent exciting developments in medical as well as surgical technology have led to better care for patients in all specialties. Dr. Zvi Margaliot, an experienced plastic surgeon with a focus on hand and wrist care, examines the newest technological advancements which have already made a large impact in the world of medicine.