Ever on the quest to better and improve himself, Dr. Zvi Margaliot is inviting those that are interesting in working together to contact him. In 2005, he returned to Canada and opened his own practice. This practice specializes in hand, wrist, and microsurgery. In addition, the clinic is affiliated with the Trillium Health Partners Hospital System in Mississauga. In the last decade or so, he ha successfully built a busy and thriving business. Thanks to the help of his fellow physician colleagues and family members, Dr. Zvi Margaliot was able to make hims dream of running his own business come true.

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However, while he found success running his own practice, he devoted the past two years to developing a new business concept. This concept will address issues plaguing patient care as well as critical issues within the medical industry. The concept will also significantly benefit both patients as well as surgeons throughout the country. If you would like to get in touch with Dr. Margaliot to discuss this new concept, complete the form below!

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