Striving for excellence at all costs, Dr. Zvi Margaliot has been improving his patients lives through his career for over twenty years. He is a surgeon that specializes in hand and wrist surgery. His passion for his practice can be seen through his 16 year scholastic endeavor. In addition to his career success, he has been a passionate advocate for others who cannot advocate for themselves. He dedicates his time to improving a system that is outdated and unsustainable.

Who is Dr. Zvi Margaliot?

Dr. Zvi Margaliot trained and prepared himself for his specialty in hand and wrist surgery over 16 years. During this time, he acquire his education at the University of Western Ontario where he earned his B.A. Once he completed his undergraduate studies, he furthered his academia by enrolling at University of Toronto. He then spent the next seven years obtaining his credentials before practicing medicine. In 1995, once he completed and obtained his medical degree, he began his residency.

dr. zvi margaliot operation scissors

In the last few years, Zvi Margaliot dedicated his life to developing and perfecting a business concept. This concept, whilst still in development, will address issues plaguing patient care. The idea will resolve critical issues within the medical industry that will benefit both patients and surgeons throughout Canada. In fact, it will offer a choice in the delivery of healthcare services. There has been a push in the medical industry to forgo habits and traditions that are not founded on science.

However, Dr. Zvi Margaliot believes that we need to be careful with these unhelpful treatments, if not totally abandoning them. Instead, we should be in favor of scientifically accurate methods to be safer and more secure, thereby delivering better quality service to our patients.

Personal Life

Zvi Margaliot Portrait-1-2432In his personal time, Zvi Margalio enjoys spending time with his children. As a father, he relishes in the time he spends interacting with them and creating wonderful memories. While he devotes his waking hours to perfecting his practice, he ensures that his family time goes by uninterrupted. He also takes time to exercise at the gym and he has been a landscape photographer for two decades.

In addition to his hobbies, he is active inĀ  the religious community and continues to learn, study, and improve himself. More specifically, he still educates himself on topics such as Judaic law, human psychology, and self-improvement. He also enjoys listening to classical music, woodworking, and cooking.